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ImageMaster® ENDO PRO

Image quality testing of endoscopes

ImageMaster® ENDO PRO

Image quality testing of endoscopes

In the production of medical endoscopes, the reliable quality control of the imaging quality is essential. With its fully automated, software-controlled measuring
process, the ImageMaster® ENDO PRO ensures efficient and operator-independent quality control in the production of endoscopes.

  • 1Fully automated

    With the ImageMaster® ENDO PRO, all relevant measurement parameters can be measured automatically in a single measurement process.

  • 2Efficient

    The device enables efficient quality control in production including the issue of a measurement certificate. In the serial measurement of the same endoscope type the measuring time for all measuring parameters is 4 minutes. Taking the set-up time into account, at least 12 endoscopes per hour can thus be measured.

  • 3Variable

    The highly flexible system measures endoscopes with an eye piece as well as those with a C-mount camera adapter. The motorized object generator allows a quick setup of various endoscope types.


ImageMaster® ENDO PRO

  • The following measuring parameters can be measured:

    MTF on-axis and off-axis

    Direction of view (DOV)

    Field of view (FOV)

    Apparent field of view (AFOV)




    Image runout

    Optional: Vignetting, Lighting

Technical Data

Parameter ImageMaster® ENDO PRO
(MTF on-axis and off-axis)
±0.03 MTF
(MTF on-axis and off-axis)
±0.02 MTF
Endoscope lengths 140 mm … 550 mm
Max. object distance 50 mm
Measurement time for all standard parameters 3 min
Measurement time for standard and extended Parameters 4 min
Off-axis measurement points 12 (others on request)
Direction of view 0 … 70°
Max. field of view 120°
Max. object height ±35 mm
Dimensions with table (height x width x depth) 1,900 mm x 1,550 mm x 900 mm
Weight with table 470 kg
Type Stand alone
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  • ProCam® for ImageMaster® ENDO PRO

The software ProCam® consists of various elements for fully automatic alignment:

  • With the integrated script tool, the measurement and alignment processes can be adjusted easily to match the specific requirements of customers and equipment
  • Storage of the measurement results in a database to allow complete traceability and extensive data analysis
  • Barcode scanner implementable
  • Output of the measurement report in PDF and Excel format
  • A fully automated alignment of the detector and the reticle to the endoscope is performed by means of high-precision image analysis algorithms
  • User administration with different access rights

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